Has anyone else noticed a problem with Yahoo mail? All my emails except for the most recent ones show up as having no content and no subject when you click on them.

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Katy Watson has died. This is a bit of a shock.

In less distressing news, Annie Proulx has been complaining about being sent Brokeback Mountain fanfic... so the Guardian has helpfully followed up by linking to a selection of the "best" such material. (Wouldn't that have been a great journalistic assignment?)

Also, Michael Rosen is on the ball again - as always. But this time it's in Walthamstow! Just around the corner from where excelsiora and I live! (Although not after next week, sadly.)

Meanwhile, we had a holiday! The Red Beast was staunch throughout, including DRIVING ON THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA. Photos are on facebook.

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Turned on the radio at random and heard the following quotation, which turns out to be from the Woman's Hour Drama, Sister Agnes Investigates:

"Well, obviously she hasn't killed anyone. She's a LIBRARIAN."

Little do they know the rage and the horror...

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I can truthfully say that I actually AM leaving this benighted, God-forsaken metropolis now. Well, in a couple of months. Good timing, eh?

For more thoughts see the 'music' bit.
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And Liz also got PhD funding which makes it extra brilliant because we'll both be in Sheffield, doing what we want and there for each other.

And we both got studentships, which means that we don't have to wait until the end of August to find out.

And apparently it is quite rare for two people in the same department to both get a university studentship, which just goes to show how brilliant we are.

And it means I will be in Sheffield again, so I can move in with Matt and we will no longer be restricted to only seeing each other when exhausted after rushing several hundred miles.

And I will almost certainly see my London friends MORE when living in Sheffield than I have when living in London, because I will no longer be exhausted and tied to stupid working hours, and I can come and stay with them.

And other unideal situations will also cease to be.

I can't believe I got PhD funding. It is one of those things I always dreamed of doing but secretly feared I might die without ever managing, like writing a children's book. And I am also doing something ground-breaking which will actually make a difference to people's lives (library services for LGBT young people and parents). I can't believe it. I can't believe it!!
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I'm the new editor of Public Library Journal! This is the leading professional journal covering public library issues. Unlike some other publications of this type it also has a reasonable amount of academic credibility.
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Just had the following conversation with a taxi driver:

Me: Can I go to Blackhorse Road, please?
Him: Near Tottenham? How did you end up here?
Me: No Victoria line. Buses would take ages and I have an 11-hour day tomorrow.
Him: An 11-hour day? So, when are you going to become a billionaire?
Me: *laughs hollowly*[1] Oh, I don't think that's very likely. I'm a librarian.
Him: A librarian?!! Oh, Jesus Christ.

After this edifying encounter he then explained to me how the only way we could save the planet was to work a 2-day week (hang on, not all of us are taxi drivers...admittedly I was IN the taxi at the time, but I don't think I cause that much more environmental damage by recycling books for an extra three days a week...) and told me his views on vegetarianism ("Not natural for chickens to lay eggs twice a day...chickens lay eggs ONCE a day, more than that's not natural.") When I said I was a vegetarian and bought free range organic eggs he said he "wished" he was a vegetarian. Yeah, well done there mate.

Journey cost me £25.

Worth it to see friends for once though.

Also, just seen The Golden Compass... Going to remain quiet on all the obvious ways in which it differed from (and was worse than) the book, but more importantly: Lord Asriel's research proposal was CRAP!! If I was Dean of an Oxford college there's no way I would have thrown away research funding on him, even if he did wear a convincingly professorlike lumpy tweed jacket.

[1] I've never actually heard anyone laugh hollowly in real life before. I was quite impressed with myself. It just sort of came out naturally.